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Set Apart 4 You is a faith base company that was founded in February 2021 in Virginia Beach, Virginia. It was given this name to set the company apart from other companies by selling  modest items and putting His word out.  It gives people a site to purchase items that are fit to our liking with scriptures and positive quotes.  We also cater to healthy living with natural products to keep our body (temple) clean.  Thank You Heavenly Father for your Grace and Mercy!

Our Core Values

Our Faith: We believe in the Heavenly Father and all  praises belong to him!
Our Family: Our greatest asset!
Our Customers: Our family too!
Integrity and Honesty: This is the most valuable and respected quality.  Always keep your word!
Responsibility: Building a nation!
Quality: Only that which is fit for a King!
Service: Love thy neighbor!
Attitude: Thankfulness!
Culture: Honoring the roots of our history!
Joy: Rejoice and be glad!

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